About Us

​Kim's Healing Center is located at 1223 Butler st Easton PA 18042. Kim's Healing Center is been in the Greater Lehigh Valley for more than 20 years. Kim specializes in the application of traditional Chinese diagnostic and healing techniques. She has been trained as a Chinese healer and herbalist.

Kim is a Pennsylvania State Board certified massage therapy. In our center, we offer a variety of ways to improve your overall health and well-being. Our therapies follow traditional Chinese techniques that have been used for centuries to treat rare diseases and everyday ailments...

Whether you have sustained a specific injury or through the years have accumulated stress and tension in your body and mind, you owe it to yourself to become as pain-free as a healthy child.

Our treatments focus to increase blood circulation to flush out toxins. The deep-tissue nature of our bodywork also aims to break up scar tissue for improved muscular flexibility and mobility.

Our bodies are our vehicles to interact in this world. If we treat them with respect and honor, they will reward us with infinite thank-yous. It is never too late to start honoring our bodies by showing compassion in our thoughts and actions.

If you are in physical or mental pain, welcome the pain with a calm mind, and make time to feel excellent!

We, Kim and her dedicated staff are intent on providing the best experience for YOU!

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