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Being a member of Kim's Healing Center entitles you for discounts on services as indicated below.

$30 for One Year

Deep-Tissue Acupressure Bodywork(Tui Na- 推拿)

This will work each of the major muscle groups in the body.  The therapist will use various Chinese herbal oils and heat to loosen and treat each of the affected areas.

The duration of this bodywork is approximately 1 hour inclusive of the time to disrobe prior to the message and dress afterwards.
$65 for Non-members
$55 for Members


Chair Bodywork

This will work the muscles of the neck, arms, shoulders and upper back.
Costs for everyone:
$18 for 15 min / $35 for 30 min 

Herbal Foot Soak

Costs for everyone:
$6 for up to 30 minutes


We tend to pay a little less attention to the bottom of our feet. If your feet usually cold, may be its time to come see us. We apply gentle pressure to your feet to stimulate and promote blood flow to your organs. skeptical? Come try it once! The duration of this session is approximately 45 min to 60 min.
$60 for Non-members
$50 for Members


It helps blood circulation and allow the tensed muscle and blood vessels to repair itself.

Great for individuals who drives a lot and individuals who sits in front of computer at work. This technique greatly reduce stress on shoulders and mid back.

Costs for everyone:

$30 for 20 min

Infrared Sauna​

Infrared light we cannot see with our eyes but you definitely can feel it in the sauna. It is another healing art that helps your body detoxification. It is similar to a steam sauna but without all the bacteria that generate from the steam. Infrared light penetrate deeper into your muscle and tissues and promotes internal detoxification.

Costs for everyone:

$20 for 15 min / $25 for 30 min​​​​​​​​​​

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1 Gift Certificate for $55

2 Gift Certificates for $100

3 Gift Certificates for $145

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